I am a psychic medium,

and can help you raise your vibration.

My name is Susan E. Wheeler - SEW

I am a psychic medium, a painter, an artist, soul reader, and energy healer. I draw my inspiration from nature and movement. I am inspired by my ancestors, guides, and guardian angels when I give a soul reading and when I paint.

You might be wondering what a soul ready/energy healer does. Simply put, a soul reading is when I use my spiritual sight and knowingness to gather information from your spirit, and share it back with you. Your spirit knows how incredibly beautiful you are, and is always over-joyed to share with you your strengths and abilities as well as shine a light on all that holds you back from your own greatness.

When I tune in to your spirit I go into a spiritually deep state of being. I begin the process of receiving information from spirit by going into a light trance and ask to be shown your essence in a rose. This is followed by a reading of the seven layers of your aura. Information from spirit comes through rapidly, as well as an enormous amount of spiritual healing energy. Spirit's messages to you are communicated with colors and symbols. I ask spirt what the symbols and colors mean specifically for you on that day, at that time, and I tell you the information I receive.


Recordings of each session are provided electronically

  • A full reading -This option includes a rose reading, an aura reading, a look at past lives and the lessons they bring forward for you. Once your energy field is cleared, healed, and present timed, you can ask up to three questions that you would like guidance with from spirit.

  • A rose reading and 1 question

 This option includes a look at one question

you want help or guidance with from spirit, and a rose reading and healing. 

A rose reading gives me an overall view of your energy field and helps me see if there are any attachments or areas of concern that would be in your highest good to heal.

  • A rose reading and 3 past lives

This option includes a rose reading and healing, plus a look at up to three of your past lives that spirit brings up for you. With each past life that is brought forward, you learn the purpoase, the lesson, or the message that is brought to you for this lifetime. Some past life energy can hold you back and would serve you to be cleared, or brought to present time, so you learn the lesson from that lifetime, then release what no longer serves your highest good today.

Select Your

Spiritual Reading Experience



  • Rose reading
  • Aura reading
  • Present timing past life influences 
  • Examining past lives and looking for the lessons they bring to this lifetime.


  • Clearing old, outdated past life energy.
  • Clearing and releasing outdated energy and beliefs from childhood.
  • Removing chords and attachments.
  • Clearing foreign energy
  • Clear, balance, and harmonize each of your chakras


Ask your higher self, spirit, guides, angels, and ancestors for guidance on a particular area concern.

  • Relationships
  • Family 
  • Health concerns
  • Moving
  • Job
  • Life path
  • Starting a family
  • Retirement
  • Travel

FULL Readings and Healings

Two options to choose from

1.5 hour FULL READING 

A full reading is a face-to-face reading that lasts up to an hour and a half in length. An audio recording of the reading is sent electronically once the reading is complete so you can listen to spirit's message to you as many times as you choose.

This is a spiritual reading that includes looking at the essence of your energy field in what we call, the Rose Reading, followed by reading the seven layers of your aura. A Past Life may come up from spirit to assist you in healing any given passage of your life. 

I will not tell you what choice you need to make for something that may come up for you. I am however happy to take a look spiritually at the situation to see what is blocking you from making important decisions in your own life.

I will also be happy to share what I see lighted up around your questions, but ultimately I do not live with the decisions you make and therefore leave that up to you. 

There are times where extensive healing is required; in cases, of cancer or entity attachments. If this happens, I then focus the entire hour on healing and removing dark energy and/or attachments that are not in your highest good. Imbalances are healed in this reading, always with your permission.

Before the reading, you are given the opportunity to request the reading to focus on a particular area on concern, or you may ask a question that you want help with or guidance with from spirit. 

Face-to-face readings are available for those living in, or visiting the Puget Sound (Salish Sea) area. Email for dates and times available for face-to-face readings and healings at:

I will schedule you for an office visit.

Your reading and healing session will be confirmed via email or phone, whichever is your preference.

Fill out the form with your name, phone, email, and a message stating your interest in a

FULL Soul Reading and Energy Healing session. State in your message whether you want to make an appointment for a:

  • FULL Face-to-Face Reading and Healing

or a

  • FULL Distance Reading and Healing.

Recordings of the reading and healing session are available for all readings.


Go to the

Select Your Spiritual Reading Experience

button and purchase your reading. Once I have received payment, I will call, text, or email, at your direction, to schedule your reading and to place you on my calendar. At times I can be booked out 3-6 weeks. 

I ask that you Pre-pay for your session before I do the reading.


I do not do these Distant Clairvoyant Readings and Healings over the phone.

When I tune in to you spiritually I go into a spiritually deep state of being. I tune into you spiritually and begin the process of receiving information using the 7 layers of your aura.

Much information comes through rapidly, as well as an enormous amount of spiritual healing energy that is channeled.

Therefore, being on a phone call can interfere with this deep spiritual state.

I record the session and send you an electronic copy of the reading, that way you can listen to it as many times as you need.

What I require for a distance session?

Your name, age (helpful), and a list of no more than 3 questions to address while I am reading your energy field.

Select Your Spiritual Reading Experience


The vibration of the planet is raising and you are feeling the shift. This shift causes disruption in our lives. It affects our emotions, our relationships, our health, and even the choices we make.

Be prepared to flow with the shift so you don't flounder in it. Learn to meditate to ease the fear, frustration, and the pain. Let go of attachments to what was, and learn to dance with change. It is inevitable and fighting it will only cause suffering.

We are coming into a great time of cosmic consciousness. All will be affected by this change. Some will not be ready yet and will need the assistance of those that are ready.

Listen to this audio recording of a person in a hypnotic state of consciousness, where she connects with her higher self and explains how we all can prepare for the great shift in consciousness. 

Inner Earth Hypnosis Session Transcribed for Video 2 of 2 Allison Coe 2019

Connect with our Mother Earth, and our higher self during meditation. Visualize the crystal orb radiating up from the core of the earth, through your feet chakras, through all of your chakras, and out through your seventh, the crown chakra.

Prepare your energy field for the great shift in consciousness. 



Thank you so much for this gift!

I have listen to it once but will be listening to it again and let you know. I will definitely give you feedback on the unknown images and questions.

Thank you so much again,

Mathieu R



Thank you so much for my reading, and the Dropbox worked perfectly.

As far as the reading goes, I connected with many things you mentioned. I love the way you use your words to describe things in detail which paints such a clear picture of what you are saying. I really loved hearing about my past lives, and how they connect my present spirit to the past ones. 

Overall, I think you touched on all of the things I wanted clarity on in my life presently. I thank you for sending healing energy to areas that needed it, and spending the time to show me that my life is as beautiful as I have always known it to be.

Thank you for your time,

Erin S


Kathy G

Wow, thank you so much for the reading. I am so very grateful for your work, and for the generous offering. This reading was exactly what I needed to hear, in a lot of ways. It was especially validating to hear about the viewfinder, and to focus on my own clairvoyant skills. I have often felt like I am seeking perspectives from others, but sometimes am left slightly disappointed, or the lesson always comes back to trusting myself. That piece also gives me a lot of validation about a recent learning experience from a cat in my life, who has since passed on - so thank you very much.

It is also comforting to know that I am on the right path, and the pieces are all going together as they should be. I do tend to be impatient so this is what I needed to hear!

I’m curious - how long have you been working on your own clairvoyant skills, or any tips from your own personal journey you can offer? I did recently start taking Nancy’s Home Study program, which has been wonderful and already full of excellent learnings!

Thank you again so much for your time. I can’t tell you how grateful I am.


Katie G


Thank you so much for your help , my deep gratitude to you 

I learned and the reading verified many things for me ... You have shown me my blockages very clear and I thank you so much for that. 

Thank you once again and my deep gratitude 

God bless you. 

Vishu S


Thank you so much. 

I listened to the first 10min and it was amazing already. You’re connecting to the spiritual realm is beyond words. I can’t wait to finish listening to it. It’s hard to describe but I really resonate with it.




I just finished listening. I found it incredibly powerful and challenging but not in a bad way.

I'm an artist and I am constantly creating stuff. I work with clay, paint, pencils anything I feel inspired by really. What I do to relax is knit. The thing I give to those I love is hand knitted blankets.

The past lives were fascinating and I came away from your reading with a sense of peace and something having been resolved.

Thank you for your time, your love and your healing energy.


Lisa W


The day you did my reading with my delicious coffee colored heart... I was meeting a dear old friend whom I ADORE and haven’t seen for years for coffee!!! (Nailed it)

And, my boundary rose (6th) had been that color pink the whole week!!! (Nailed it) 

Thank you for being my mirror as an incredible psychic (whom the data comes with such clarity and ease!) and thank you for GGPTing my thoughts of OMG you’re so much better than me that get in my way!!!

You ROCK! Thanks again for your wonder-full-ness!!!




Thank you for such a wonderful reading! I really felt it really illustrated what is going on with me particularly on the first, fourth and fifth chakra layers. The seventh layer, the geyser of light, just sounded super fun!! 

Thanks so much and I wish you much love and success.


Amy W


Hi Susan, 

I wanted to follow up on the reading you did for me. It was such a Great reading, it gave me so much insight to all my questions. I haven’t had a reading yet that involved so much detail regarding past lives and spirit bring forward examples from past.It was also helpful to hear that I just need to keep spreading to word through the awakening and not worry about people thinking I’m crazy!

Your gift is really amazing and so helpful. My daughter Savanna is coming into herself with her gifts also. She can see spirits and entities & has been a healer in past lives. Things are coming to her quicker now and I keep telling her pretty soon she won’t be able to keep doing nothing. I know she’s very excited about her reading. 

I would like to say thank you so much for this great opportunity and I’m already trying to change from the things that came forward. I wish you great success. Sending lots of love your way

Julia Hartman


Hi Susan,

So sorry for the delay, I was able to open the link and just finished listening to it last night. Thank you so much for such an amazing reading and for all your help with clearing the outdated energy, so much of it resonated with me. I especially got a lot out of the rose reading, and do feel that my cat came to me with that purpose of helping me with my awakening. I am excited to hear that he is still with me and is likely to come back! 

Thank you for using your gift of clairvoyance to help me- I really appreciate you taking the time to connect in and hope to continue to stay in touch. 

Amanda W


Dear Susan  

     I want to thank you for clearing your energy, and preparing your healing space, before you started my reading.  The first impression (and throughout the reading) was as if I entered a temple of peace, love, and harmony.  The experience of you sharing your meditative temple with me at times was uplifting, moving emotionally, and loving.  This was happening even before the reading started. 

 I wish to thank you for reminding me to add grounding as necessary. I was so focused on my new practices, that I neglected grounding.  You have a clear speaking voice.  Your words are lake an artist's paint brush, I see the images you are painting as you speak.  I can differentiate the colors as you paint with words, the vibrancy, and feel of the color.  I understood beyond your words, to where they were pointing.  You answered my questions and went deeper into the practical application.  You were able to describe the symbolism and it's meaning. 

 Thank you for grounding my hip in the center of the earth, and anchoring it in the core of the earth.  Thank you for the final clearing of my rose hip/communication, I have been working on speaking my truth, and releasing judgment.  Thank you for helping my body by grounding my rose stem to the center of the earth, and showering it with divine golden energy.  Thank you for grounding the airplane scene, so that I can see past the clouds.  Thank you for communication to me that I should ground daily.  I have added the practice of draining any energy that does not serve me down my grounding cord as many times daily.  Thank you for describing in great detail the practice along with the visualizations. 

 It was very apparent why you named your new passion; “Ground and Release”. I resonated with all that you said. From the creating sculpture, to the divine mother feminine, that only  psychics pick up on.  I hope this gives you an idea of the impression that you have made on me.   Love, peace, and harmony.



I just finished listening to my reading and loved it! So powerful. Thank you, thank you. So much of it was validating, comforting, and helped me with my path. I apologize for not getting back to you immediately upon receiving it.


First of all, the specificity of your details was wonderful and appreciated. Also, your clear and precise voice, with slow and intentional pacing allowed me to absorb what you/spirit was saying and to take notes. 

I also appreciate the thoroughness and completion of your thoughts. Sometimes readers follow the sensations and images and don't verbalize complete thoughts, so it's difficult to fully grasp the personal messages and meaning.

I feel like the entire reading was exactly what Spirit wanted me to know at this point in my path. The information from each layer was connected to and built on other layers, each one connected to the questions I posed. Some of the information even addressed things I didn't verbalize, but now realize I was wondering about.  

This may be way more feedback than you wanted, but I will go through feedback on each part. 

Feedback on the actual reading:


The kitchen image made me laugh. Me putzing in my kitchen is my happy place, though I don't bake. Funny, I have thought about bringing treats for my students, but public schools don't allow homemade anything, so I'll be curious to see how that plays out. 

Stem: I did love the book idea of sharing wisdom of the masters. This idea has been floating around in my head for months - how I can create this for my students, so this was perfectly validating. 

Hip: the tree truck. This is how I want to feel for my students, so that was great. Of course with teenagers, especially ones with tough lives, it's difficult to see/know what they are really thinking and feeling, having to be so tough on the outside to survive. I did get a warm feeling in my heart to know this is actually happening for some. 

Grounding: this was an interesting one for me. As an Aquarius, I often feel like I am hanging out above and out of my body, which I like. Hard to come back in and stay. This is not the first time I have heard that I have to get back in here and get grounded. So thank you so much for the helpful healing there. I continue to work and struggle with this. Your stating that the body feels uncomfortable was a good reminder to do this. 

The god of my heart: again, spot on. This new job, which is a huge new step/stretch for me, makes me often feel doubt, uncertainty, anxiety, more than ever in my 28 years of teaching, more than ever in my life. To hear it stated by spirit gives me comfort in knowing that I have help, that I am on my path.

1st layer of aura: bookshelf/precious metals. This one helped with a solid way to make sense of what I am trying to do in an abstract way. This is, in fact, exactly my goal for students - to help them find the gem, the light they bring. To find it, know it, own it, and live it. My anxiety, doubt, uncertainty that showed up in the the god of my heart, is me struggling in how to do this through traditional, English curriculum in a public school. 

2nd layer: validated the struggle. Yes, it's uncomfortable. I loved that you pointed out that it's not just me trying to help them. They are here to push me. Man, do they do that every single day. Every day telling me this curriculum is pointless, no connection to real life, etc. So they are pushing me to find new ways. Spirit acknowledging that is will be hard and uncomfortable, that the blue light is there, helps me accept the discomfort and keep moving.

3rd layer. treadmill. Don't give up. This current journey sometimes feels like I am running, sweating, working like a dog, but going nowhere, so this was excellent external validation from spirit to keep going and not give up. Spot on and much needed.

4th layer. fatigue. I have been feeling this year that there was something wrong with me. This extreme fatigue has been throwing me off. The routine of my whole adult life isn't working this year. I am too tired to do anything. My social life has suffered, I've been spending so much mental energy on these kids. After 5 months, I finally decided it was ok to change my life routine. I have been going to bed super early. Exercising more. Meditating a ton more. Seeing a lot less of other people. Being more selfish about my time with myself. As your reading says, revitalizing so I can do this work. I am finally accepting that this fatigue is a shifting for me. So again, your reading was validating.

5th layer: the filling station. this analogy made me smile. I hope it's true. I do spend every morning before school in mediation to fill up myself so I can be a conduit of energy for them. Thanks to you and spirit so much for this image.

6th layer. I LOVED the binoculars image. So perfect. Funny, I have been asking spirit, guides, angels, ancestors all year to help me with my intuition in knowing what each student needs. How to know since they are so guarded, hard to read, and don't give feedback. This is a perfect image. Now I just have to work on using and trusting my "binoculars." Thanks.

7th layer. Lighthouse. Such comforting information here, about made me cry. I don't have "energy" friends here, so I often feel alone on the physical plane here. I am very connected to my spirit people, so this layer was like icing on the cake. 

So, Susan, thank you so much for your offer. You are fabulous. Good luck to you in your new path. Please let me know if you want me to write anything for your website, or of course, use any of this as a testimonial. 

Thanks again,

Maura N


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Wonderful as a gift, or a reminder of your reading and healing experience.

The art cards are landscape paintings infused with hidden figures that express movement in life and nature. 

Check out the selection in my photo gallery.

The art cards are printed in full and vivid colors, that measure approximately 5"x7." They are individually protected in a cellophane sleeve and come with a mailing envelope.

Each art card sells for $10.00 and includes free shipping

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