My name is Susan E. Wheeler - SEW

My spiritual practice has been deeply inspired by Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Love Inspiration, Intuitive Mind, Tara Brach, Moojis, and Sadhguru. I use my ability as an intuitive in my paintings, soul readings, and energy healings. I also draw my inspiration from nature and movement. I am inspired by my ancestors, guides, and guardian angels when I give a soul reading and when I paint.

You might be wondering what a soul ready/energy healer does. Simply put, a soul reading is when I use my spiritual sight and knowingness to gather information from your spirit, and share it back with you. Your spirit knows how incredibly beautiful you are, and is always over-joyed to share with you your strengths and abilities as well as shine a light on all that holds you back from your own greatness.

When I tune in to your spirit I go into a spiritually deep state of being. I begin the process of receiving information from spirit by going into a light trance and ask to be shown your essence in a rose. This is followed by a reading of the seven layers of your aura. Information from spirit comes through rapidly, as well as an enormous amount of spiritual healing energy. Spirit's messages to you are communicated with colors and symbols. I ask spirt what the symbols and colors mean specifically for you on that day, at that time, and I tell you the information I receive.