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Landscape paintings infused with hidden figures that express movement in life and nature. ´╗┐

Hand crafted gifts for birthdays or holidays

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We are all One. As the early Native Americans once said, we are of one spirit. Each came to the earth in a different form, but one is not more important or sacred than the other. The animals, plants, and land forms are all our sisters and brothers. Treat each with love and respect.

In the ground, deep below the surface, the spirits of change and transformation can be felt in the Lower Antelope Canyon.

Channeling the spirit of Alvin Alley, the Olympic Mountains, and the Northern Lights, the stage is set for the land spirits of the Salish Sea. They dance together in ensemble with the whales, eagles, bears, and all of nature.

Nymphs and spirit dancers hide in the trees and waters reflection.

Our majestic ancestor , Mt. Rainier, is found here in Washington State. We are grateful for your presence and the bountiful joy brother mountain. We sit in awe of your magnificence when we connect with your spirit, hiking your trails, and viewing your amazing beauty.

Peace filled repose during meditation. The joy of being in the body, with the freedom of spirit to leave and reconnect with the divine.

The ferry graces the waters along the Salish Sea, as travelers commute between Seattle and the small towns along the Olympic Peninsula, and back across from the big city. The mountain spirits perform a celebratory dance amidst the snow capped peaks.

Nymphs and spirit dancers hide in the fall colors and reflections.

The bridge, fog, and forest trees lead down to the waters edge. Look closely and you will see the spirit of nature dancing.

Winter makes way for spring as the days slowly but surely extend. The tree sprits stretch their limbs and the sap warms with the lingering winter sun.

Once again, spring brings us the dance of new life and second chances; the blessings of being born again.

As the trees change color the tree spirits come out to express gratitude for the summer sun, and to prepare for the coming winter months.

We can enjoy being in our Astral body, our energetic body, that travels while we sleep, or day dream.

The ancient rock formation, changed by the winds of time, bring out the dancing rock spirits.

Spirit dances in the orchard even as the fruit trees sleep. The energy joins together and performs the Dance of the Snow Flakes. If you sit quietly you can hear the music of Tchaikovsky music, The Nutcracker.

In the dead of winter the spirit of the ice crystals dances for joy.

Each year, a New Year is born. We are eternally blessed with new beginnings.

Inspired by the Lewis Carroll poem; the tree nymphs and spirits join the blue light to assist the soul on the journey of the vibrational shift.

Four mature females enjoying a summers day at the beach, as memories of their youth float in the clouds.

The canyon sits in deep meditation while the shadow spirits pass through the valleys and rock formations in yoga posses.