We Are the Light-Workers

Today I am especially moved by the energy of transformation that I can strongly feel on our planet. In the midst of seeming chaos, I feel a true sense of calm. The shift in consciousness, that we have all come to the planet to experience in this life-time, is soon at hand. Can you feel it?  It is in the exchange of messages from one to another on social media. It is in the vibration of energy all around us. The vibration has changed, and it will continue to change. 

Be advised. Meditate daily. Open your crown chakra to the cosmic consciousness and the God of your heart. Ground down to the center of the earth from your root chakra. Bring up the blue earth energy from the core of the earth, through your feet chakras, up your leg channels, and into your root chakra. See it spill over your root chakra to return to the earth's core and recycle back again. Visualize Divine golden light coming in through your crown chakra, down your back channels, mixing with the blue earth energy, and up your front channels. See it spray out your crown chakra, and cascading all around your aura. Tuck it under your auric field, and above your auric field to create a perfect sphere of golden energy all around you.

This meditative practice prepares you for the Divine love and transformational energy that is coming. Be ready to receive love and light from the Divine. Be a part of this magnificent shift in our planet. We are the light-workers, and we are here to help restore balance to all things on the planet for the benefit of us all. 

From a higher perspective

When we are children our parents teach us about life from their perspective. They may teach us that we are wonderful, or they may teach us that we have no value. 

When we run our energy, meditate, and see timeline from a higher perspective, we see our lives like a road map. Everything makes more sense. We have an understanding, forgiveness for the shortcomings of our parents, and we can begin to truly seek our purpose. 

The child's beliefs about themselves remain with us when we become adults, as does the view of ourselves bestowed by our parents. Once we realize that it all happened for a reason; that we selected those parents knowing that this training would occur, we are ready to dig deeper into the purpose of the lessons. Where are they directing us to go now.

There is freedom in not blaming anyone for our life, circumstances, and childhood experiences. Once you have cleared that energy and those untruths, and bring it all to present time, you are ready to follow your purpose. True happiness awaits. 

A New Day. A New Canvas.

The Next Chapter

Finishing off a major project; one that has taken a great deal of focus; this kind of event can be full of climactic energy. It can be emotional, dramatic, exhausting, exhilarating, and all at the same time. The next morning you wake-up from your last day of such a project, it is a new day. A new chapter. A new canvas. 

The freshness is so palpable, of everything. On this first morning after that huge project, you don't know what to do with yourself. You are almost giddy. You need to sit and ponder for a time; to think about what to do next. Breakfast taste better than ever. The morning air welcomes you. The water you refresh yourself with is scintillating to your skin. You might even feel floaty. 

This is a healing moment; one to be grateful for, and give thanks to, that you were supported and you made it through, against so many odds. In this priceless moment, during this transition, reflect on what you learned. What lessons were given to you along the way? The information that comes forward is the information that can help guide you along your path in a way that is for your highest good. 

This time of transition does not last long. Use it wisely, and be mindful. Enjoy this moment for it is a gift. Enjoy it. Relish the softness and beauty of it. There is more work ahead. 

Thich Nhat Hanh

  Thich Nhat Hanh, is a renowned Zen monk, and author of the book "you are here." This book has been my inspiration during this cold winter February, in the year 2019. I love his story of a time in his youth when he was in training at the temple, and his teacher asked him to do something for him. This is Thich Nhat Hanh's story about being mindful and practicing mindfulness.

    I loved him so much that I became excited, and I rushed out to do it. I was in such a hurry that I did not close the door properly, with 100 percent of my being.

    He called me back. "Novice," he said, "come here." I knew right away that something was wrong. He said only, "My son, you can do better." He did not have to teach me this a second time. The next time, I did walking meditation to the door. I opened the door mindfully, and I closed the door behind me perfectly.

    Since that day, I have known how to close a door behind me. It must always be done with mindfulness. Not for the sake of the Buddha, not for the teacher, but for myself. This is the way you create peace; this is the way you bring about freedom. You do it for your own happiness, and when you are happy, the people you relate with benefit from your presence and are happy too. A happy person is an important thing, because their happiness spreads all around them. You can be a happy person too and become a refuge for all the beings around you.

Keep a Neutral Perspective

    It fascinates me knowing that everyone we come into contact with, throughout each day, is for a reason. Each individual is another soul we have been connected to in one form or another for many lifetimes. The ones closest to us provide us the greatest material for learning, growing, and clearing of our energy field.        
    My family life as a child was not a wonderful one. I do not have memories to look back on to remember fondly. And yet, my family is who I selected to come into this lifetime with. My family created the opportunity for me to become who I am today. For that, I will always be grateful.
    When I think about the husbands I have had, three of them, and the children I have given birth to, two boys, now men, I have no anger or resentment for the way things turned out, or didn't turn out.  At first, I did. I was not seeing things from a neutral perspective at that time in my life. Now that I do see things from a neutral perspective I can honestly say that I am grateful for the way things turned out in, even though it was not rosy and full of warm and fuzzy feelings any more than my life was as a child.
    Looking at my career of choice, first as a dancer/choreographer, and later as a teacher, it is marvelous for me to realize the impact of the different staff members that I worked with, the administrations, the children, parents, and other artists. Each of them impacted me at a cellular level. Each helped to bring me to where I am today. For that I am very grateful. 
    When you see things from a neutral perspective there is no judgement, no anger; no comparisons or jealousy. You sit simply, in a place of observation. You are aware of the body, but you know you are not your body. You are spirit. I talk to my body like I would my beloved cat, but when you are sitting on your pineal, in the sixth chakra, you can see all sides to everything. From this neutral place, you are calm and filled with love for all things. 
    Prepare your energy field: close your eyes and go within. Take a few deep breathes and visualize a grounding cord that goes from the space between your hips, at your first chakra, and travels down through the chair, to the core of the earth. Feel how the gravity anchors your grounding cord into place. Now bring up the earth's energy through your feet chakras. The souls of your feet, in the arches,  where our feet chakras are located. Visualize the earth's energy coming up through your feet chakras and traveling up your leg channels to your pelvic bowl. Here the earth energy fills the bowl to overflowing and spills out and back down your grounding cord. It is a cyclical action that helps you to clear your energy field much like the function of a toilet. Any energy that comes up for you that you do not want in your energy field you can send down your grounding.
    Now that you are grounded, say hello to your body. I like to give my body a hug, and I see her as if I am looking in a mirror. I kiss her on the cheek and tell her how beautiful I think she is. This old girl has lived many decades without hearing words of assurance or been given feelings of being truly loved.
    Once I am grounded and my body is reassured, my spirit is ready to connect with the Cosmic Consciousness, the God of my heart, the Oneness. In this place, sitting on my pineal, in my sixth chakra, located between my eyes, about an inch or two above my ears, I am neutral. Here is the place where we can see clearly. This is the place of our clairvoyance. In this place where we can see all things from a neutral perspective. When you are neutral you understand why the grocery store attendant got angry when you were at the check stand the other day. It makes sense why your partner did what he or she did, and why they got so upset, or your co-worker, or your parents. From this neutral place, everything makes sense, you have forgiveness, and you are filled with love.
    Think about how your life and relationships might improve if you could view them from a neutral perspective. Maybe you will make a commitment to yourself and run your energies once a week by grounding, bringing up earth energy and focusing your attention in the center of your head, on your pineal. Get comfortable with seeing everything from this place of neutrality. It will bring you peace, joy, compassion, and an inspiring sense of love for all things.

The Launch

   Spirits and guides are all around us. They love us more than we can imagine. They communicate with us all the time, even when we don't recognize the language that comes to us in the form of songs, signs, symbols, dreams, and through the people we encounter. I have learned to see these symbols, colors, and signs, and can help others to understand what spirit wants to communicate.

    Our challenges and struggles are gifts. They help bring about the creations we ourselves call for. These events and challenges seem, from our physical bodies perspective, to be devastating and that these events have been done to us. When viewed from a spiritual perspective, we know that these events are happening for a reason. 

    In 2015, my life changed dramatically after developing severe, 24/7, migraine headaches. I became reclusive, stopped driving, didn't want to leave my house, couldn't even read a book. There were times I would rather have been dead and released from my body. For over a year I went to every kind of doctor, and tried numerous treatments looking for a way to overcome what seemed like an obstacle. 

    I have always been a spiritual person, even when I was a child, but during this period in my life I realized that I was on a spiritual journey like none other I had experienced. This revelation came after I discovered meditation. It took some time to get used to practicing meditation on a daily basis. Youtube videos helped me with guided meditations when I first set out to give the practice a try. Eventually mediation was a natural and normal part of my day. 

Mediation is where I found first, Love Inspiration. An online offering of free spiritual healing services. I followed an "Ascension Pathway" that was called "Unified Pathway to Light". I was devout in my practice following the steps on my own everyday for over a year. This was the beginning of my deepest spiritual healing. My personal experience while on this spiritual journey was the most effective for me to reconnect to my own higher self and the Divine.

    In 2018, I came to a place where I was ready to re-emerge into society. I had lost all contact with the people I had known before 2015. I needed to find a way to reintegrate. It was important that I find a group of people that shared similar interests to my own, in particular meditation and communication with spirit. This is when I found Intuitive Mind

    Beginning in January of 2018, I embarked on a year long intensive study Intuitive Mind offered called "Psychic Mastery International". After having cleared a great deal of old energy that I took on as a child, I was ready to take it to the next level. The Psychic Mastery program provided me with in-depth experiential learning to help me connect with spirit by reading symbols, colors, and vibrations, as well as how to clear negative energy from my energy field. We all have the ability to do this, but not everyone is lead to go as deeply into their spiritual nature. 

    Are you ready to look into the essence of who you are? Are you prepared to look at why you might be angry, unhealthy, sad, driven, or any number of symptoms that keep you from following your spiritual path? Do you want help rediscovering your happiness?  

    Contact me for an appointment and schedule a Soul Reading and Energy Healing. Your spirit is exited and is eager to reconnect with you. What do you have to lose? The first 100 readings are free.