Airplane View

June 27, 2019

From a higher perspective

 When we are children our parents teach us about life from their perspective. They may teach us that we are wonderful, or they may teach us that we have no value. 

When we run our energy, meditate, and see timeline from a higher perspective, we see our lives like a road map. Everything makes more sense. We have an understanding, forgiveness for the shortcomings of our parents, and we can begin to truly seek our purpose. 

The child's beliefs about themselves remain with us when we become adults, as does the view of ourselves bestowed by our parents. Once we realize that it all happened for a reason; that we selected those parents knowing that this training would occur, we are ready to dig deeper into the purpose of the lessons. Where are they directing us to go now.

There is freedom in not blaming anyone for our life, circumstances, and childhood experiences. Once you have cleared that energy and those untruths, and bring it all to present time, you are ready to follow your purpose. True happiness awaits.