We Are the Light-Workers

July 15, 2019

We Are the Light-Workers

Today I am especially moved by the energy of transformation that I can strongly feel on our planet. In the midst of seeming chaos, I feel a true sense of calm. The shift in consciousness, that we have all come to the planet to experience in this life-time, is soon at hand. Can you feel it?  It is in the exchange of messages from one to another on social media. It is in the vibration of energy all around us. The vibration has changed, and it will continue to change. 

Be advised. Meditate daily. Open your crown chakra to the cosmic consciousness and the God of your heart. Ground down to the center of the earth from your root chakra. Bring up the blue earth energy from the core of the earth, through your feet chakras, up your leg channels, and into your root chakra. See it spill over your root chakra to return to the earth's core and recycle back again. Visualize Divine golden light coming in through your crown chakra, down your back channels, mixing with the blue earth energy, and up your front channels. See it spray out your crown chakra, and cascading all around your aura. Tuck it under your auric field, and above your auric field to create a perfect sphere of golden energy all around you.

This meditative practice prepares you for the Divine love and transformational energy that is coming. Be ready to receive love and light from the Divine. Be a part of this magnificent shift in our planet. We are the light-workers, and we are here to help restore balance to all things on the planet for the benefit of us all.