First Day Off

June 20, 2019

A New Day. A New Canvas. The Next Chapter

Finishing off a major project; one that has taken a great deal of focus; this kind of event can be full of climactic energy. It can be emotional, dramatic, exhausting, exhilarating, and all at the same time. The next morning you wake-up from your last day of such a project, it is a new day. A new chapter. A new canvas. 

The freshness is so palpable, of everything. On this first morning after that huge project, you don't know what to do with yourself. You are almost giddy. You need to sit and ponder for a time; to think about what to do next. Breakfast taste better than ever. The morning air welcomes you. The water you refresh yourself with is scintillating to your skin. You might even feel floaty. 

This is a healing moment; one to be grateful for, and give thanks to, that you were supported and you made it through, against so many odds. In this priceless moment, during this transition, reflect on what you learned. What lessons were given to you along the way? The information that comes forward is the information that can help guide you along your path in a way that is for your highest good. 

This time of transition does not last long. Use it wisely, and be mindful. Enjoy this moment for it is a gift. Enjoy it. Relish the softness and beauty of it. There is more work ahead.