The Launch

December 8, 2018

BY Susan E Wheeler

    Spirits and guides are all around us. They love us more than we can imagine. They communicate with us all the time, even when we don't recognize the language that comes to us in the form of songs, signs, symbols, dreams, and through the people we encounter. I have learned to see these symbols, colors, and signs, and can help others to understand what spirit wants to communicate.

    Our challenges and struggles are gifts. They help bring about the creations we ourselves call for. These events and challenges seem, from our physical bodies perspective, to be devastating and that these events have been done to us. When viewed from a spiritual perspective, we know that these events are happening for a reason. 

    In 2015, my life changed dramatically after developing severe, 24/7, migraine headaches. I became reclusive, stopped driving, didn't want to leave my house, couldn't even read a book. There were times I would rather have been dead and released from my body. For over a year I went to every kind of doctor, and tried numerous treatments looking for a way to overcome what seemed like an obstacle. 

    I have always been a spiritual person, even when I was a child, but during this period in my life I realized that I was on a spiritual journey like none other I had experienced. This revelation came after I discovered meditation. It took some time to get used to practicing meditation on a daily basis. Youtube videos helped me with guided meditations when I first set out to give the practice a try. Eventually mediation was a natural and normal part of my day. 

Mediation is where I found first, Love Inspiration. An online offering of free spiritual healing services. I followed an "Ascension Pathway" that was called "Unified Pathway to Light". I was devout in my practice following the steps on my own everyday for over a year. This was the beginning of my deepest spiritual healing. My personal experience while on this spiritual journey was the most effective for me to reconnect to my own higher self and the Divine.

    In 2018, I came to a place where I was ready to re-emerge into society. I had lost all contact with the people I had known before 2015. I needed to find a way to reintegrate. It was important that I find a group of people that shared similar interests to my own, in particular meditation and communication with spirit. This is when I found Intuitive Mind

    Beginning in January of 2018, I embarked on a year long intensive study Intuitive Mind offered called "Psychic Mastery International". After having cleared a great deal of old energy that I took on as a child, I was ready to take it to the next level. The Psychic Mastery program provided me with in-depth experiential learning to help me connect with spirit by reading symbols, colors, and vibrations, as well as how to clear negative energy from my energy field. We all have the ability to do this, but not everyone is lead to go as deeply into their spiritual nature. 

    Are you ready to look into the essence of who you are? Are you prepared to look at why you might be angry, unhealthy, sad, driven, or any number of symptoms that keep you from following your spiritual path? Do you want help rediscovering your happiness?  

    Contact me for an appointment and schedule a Soul Reading and Energy Healing. Your spirit is exited and is eager to reconnect with you. What do you have to lose? The first 100 readings are free.