Keep a Neutral Perspective

   The New Year Begins

January 1, 2019

BY Susan E Wheeler

    It fascinates me knowing that everyone we come into contact with, throughout each day, is for a reason. Each individual is another soul we have been connected to in one form or another for many lifetimes. The ones closest to us provide us the greatest material for learning, growing, and clearing of our energy field.        
    My family life as a child was not a wonderful one. I do not have memories to look back on to remember fondly. And yet, my family is who I selected to come into this lifetime with. My family created the opportunity for me to become who I am today. For that, I will always be grateful.
    When I think about the husbands I have had, three of them, and the children I have given birth to, two boys, now men, I have no anger or resentment for the way things turned out, or didn't turn out.  At first, I did. I was not seeing things from a neutral perspective at that time in my life. Now that I do see things from a neutral perspective I can honestly say that I am grateful for the way things turned out in, even though it was not rosy and full of warm and fuzzy feelings any more than my life was as a child.
    Looking at my career of choice, first as a dancer/choreographer, and later as a teacher, it is marvelous for me to realize the impact of the different staff members that I worked with, the administrations, the children, parents, and other artists. Each of them impacted me at a cellular level. Each helped to bring me to where I am today. For that I am very grateful. 
    When you see things from a neutral perspective there is no judgement, no anger; no comparisons or jealousy. You sit simply, in a place of observation. You are aware of the body, but you know you are not your body. You are spirit. I talk to my body like I would my beloved cat, but when you are sitting on your pineal, in the sixth chakra, you can see all sides to everything. From this neutral place, you are calm and filled with love for all things.
    Prepare your energy field: close your eyes and go within. Take a few deep breathes and visualize a grounding cord that goes from the space between your hips, at your first chakra, and travels down through the chair, to the core of the earth. Feel how the gravity anchors your grounding cord into place. Now bring up the earth's energy through your feet chakras. The souls of your feet, in the arches,  where our feet chakras are located. Visualize the earth's energy coming up through your feet chakras and traveling up your leg channels to your pelvic bowl. Here the earth energy fills the bowl to overflowing and spills out and back down your grounding cord. It is a cyclical action that helps you to clear your energy field much like the function of a toilet. Any energy that comes up for you that you do not want in your energy field you can send down your grounding.
    Now that you are grounded, say hello to your body. I like to give my body a hug, and I see her as if I am looking in a mirror. I kiss her on the cheek and tell her how beautiful I think she is. This old girl has lived many decades without hearing words of assurance or been given feelings of being truly loved.
    Once I am grounded and my body is reassured, my spirit is ready to connect with the Cosmic Consciousness, the God of my heart, the Oneness. In this place, sitting on my pineal, in my sixth chakra, located between my eyes, about an inch or two above my ears, I am neutral. Here is the place where we can see clearly. This is the place of our clairvoyance. In this place where we can see all things from a neutral perspective. When you are neutral you understand why the grocery store attendant got angry when you were at the check stand the other day. It makes sense why your partner did what he or she did, and why they got so upset, or your co-worker, or your parents. From this neutral place, everything makes sense, you have forgiveness, and you are filled with love.
    Think about how your life and relationships might improve if you could view them from a neutral perspective. Maybe you will make a commitment to yourself and run your energies once a week by grounding, bringing up earth energy and focusing your attention in the center of your head, on your pineal. Get comfortable with seeing everything from this place of neutrality. It will bring you peace, joy, compassion, and an inspiring sense of love for all things.