Creative Arts in the Woods

A Spiritual Retreat

Creating in Presence

Music, Art, Drama, Dance

September 11-13, 2020 

Retreat Location:

Early Bird Registration has a $95.00 savings until March 31

Music, Art, Drama, Dance

Pick from the choices below, or do them all

Arts and Crafts

creative painting


harmonic vocalization, mantras, jamming together with those that bring an instrument


choreographed dance and movement motifs, creative expression through movement


skits, one acts, theatre games and exercises, improvisation


music, art, drama and dance in a final closing ceremony presentation


developing a practice, practicing in nature, guided meditations, singing bowls

Spiritual Healing

chair healings, spiritual readings

The Purpose of the Retreat

  •  to provide a space to self-express in a physical and creative way. 

  •  to celebrate life and be inspired by others.

  • to practice living in Presence, mindfulness, and Being.


  1.        meditation and spiritual healing
  2.        creativity and physical expression 
  3.        listening and sharing favorite book exerts or poems that inspire us and help us move forward in our personal power with grace and ease.    
  4.        sharing our creativity with others.
  5.        nourishing our bodies with healthy and delicious vegan foods and snacks.


The intention of this retreat is practice being in the present moment. This is a time and place to express yourself and inspire one another in love and light. Enjoy a weekend in nature and calling on our ancestors, while practicing living life in the Now.

Early Bird Registration has a $95.00 savings until March 31

Creative Arts in the Woods 

First Days Schedule´╗┐ Review

´╗┐Contact Susan for a schedule of the second and third days

Friday, September 11

Noon - 1pm        

                                make name tags


                                find a bunk-mate

1 - 2pm 

                                get settled




                                author excerpts


3 - 3:45pm 

                                rotation 1

4 - 4:45pm

                                rotation 2

5 - 6pm 


6 - 6:45pm

                                rotation 3

7 - 7:45pm 

                                rotation 4


                                devotional mantra



                                campers make next

                                days rehearsal


                                music, art, drama,

                                and dance                   

8:30 - 9:30pm 

                               free time



                               prepare for quiet