Creative Arts in the Woods

A Mindfulness Weekend Retreat

Creating in Presence,

and The Power of Now

Music, Art, Drama, Dance

September 11-13, 2020 

Retreat Location:

Save $45.00. Register between April 1 - June 30

Spring registration - April 1 thru May 30 - $450.00
Summer registration
 - June 1 until capacity is reached,

                                            or up to the day the retreat begins - $495.00

Music, Art, Drama, Dance

Pick two from the choices below, or do them all

Arts and Crafts

creative painting


harmonic vocalization, mantras, jamming together with those that bring an instrument, hand-held sound makers


choreographed dance and movement motifs, creative expression with fabric, making shapes with sound and feeling


skits, one acts, theatre games and exercises, improvisation

Combining - make two choices

music, art, drama and dance; pieces created by participants, presented in a final closing ceremony performance. 


developing a practice, practicing in nature, guided meditations with singing bowls, devotional mantras. Brush-up on your own mindfulness practice. Deepen your understanding of Being in Presence, and The Power of Now.

Spiritual Healing

chair healings, rose readings, tarot card readings, sound healing, and forest bathing

The Purpose of the Retreat

  •  to provide a space to self-express in a physical and creative way, without judgement 

  •  to celebrate life and be inspired by others

  • to practice Being in Presence, mindfulness, and the Power of Now


  1.        meditation and spiritual healing
  2.        creativity and physical expression 
  3.        listening and sharing favorite book exerts or poems that inspire us and help us move forward in our personal power with grace and ease.    
  4.        sharing our creativity with others.
  5.        nourishing our bodies with healthy and delicious vegan foods and snacks.


The intention of this retreat is to practice being in the present moment. This is a time and place to express yourself and inspire one another in love and light, without judgement. Enjoy a weekend in nature and calling on our ancestors, while practicing living life in the Now.

Save $45.00. Register between April 1 - June 30

Creative Arts in the Woods;

a mindfulness weekend retreat

The Weekends Schedule 

This schedule is a living document that is subject to change

Friday, September 11

NOON - 1pm
make name tags
find a bunk-mate

1 - 2pm
gather for welcome
guided meditation
read excerpts from selected authors
nuts-and-bolts of the weekends flow

BREAK INTO FOUR GROUPS to experience all optional rotations:
music, art, drama, and dance

3 - 3:45pm
- rotation 1

4 - 4:45pm - rotation 2
5 - 6pm -
Moola Mantra
6 - 6:45pm - rotation 3
7:45pm 8pm - rotation 4
8:30 - 9:30pm
devotional mantra
guided meditation
campers select and turn-in selections for next days rehearsals: music, art, drama, dance
free time

instrumental jam
9:30pm 10pm
prepare for quiet and sleep


Saturday, September 12

8 - 9am
devotional mantra
guided meditation
flow for the day; nuts-and-bolts
9:15 - 10:30am
rotation 1 rehearsals
10:30 - 10:45am
snack break
10:45 - NOON
wrap up rehearsal
NOON - 1pm
1 - 2pm
free time
2 - 3pm
rotation 2 rehearsals
3 - 5pm
wrap it up and free time
6 - 7pm
7 - 8pm
free time, instrumental jam
8 - 9pm
devotional mantras
guided meditation
reflect and share the days work
review next days closing ceremony schedule
9 - 9:30pm
prepare for lights out and quiet

Sunday, September 13

8 - 8:45am
guided meditation
review performance flow

BREAK INTO PERFORMANCE GROUPS: music, art, drama and dance

8:45 - 9:15am
rotation 1 final rehearsal
9:15 - 9:45am
rotation 2 final rehearsal
9:45 - 10:15am

set-up for performances
10:30- NOON
closing ceremony begins
share performances
closing mantra
Head for Home