Scheduling an Appointment

Disclaimer: This program does not substitute for the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions by physicians or other qualified healthcare providers. Rather, it is intended to offer information to help participants  promote their own good health and to cooperate with healthcare professionals in a mutual quest for optimum well-being.

There are two ways to receive a reading with me - in person or remotely. We can meet in person, in the Poulsbo area, or we can meet remotely.

For remote sessions, you do not need to be physically present, online, or on the phone. As long as I have your permission, I can work with your energy field just as if you were sitting in front of me, and will do so at your scheduled time. Energy work has no boundary and can be done anywhere, at any time with the same results as if we were sitting next to one another.

No matter how we decide to work together, I will send a recording of the session within a day of your scheduled appointment using the Dropbox app. The audio file is too large to email. If you have not already downloaded the Dropbox mobile app, you might want to do that now so there are no interruptions when you receive your audio file of the reading from me. 

During your reading, I will not tell you what choices you should make, or give you advice for something that may come up for you during the reading. I am, however, happy to take a look at the situation from a spiritual perspective to see what may be blocking you from making important decisions in your life. I will also be happy to share what I see that lights up around your questions, but ultimately I do not live with the decisions you make, and therefore leave what choices you need to make, up to you. 

There are times where extensive healing is required; in cases, of illness, foreign energy, or entity attachments. If this happens, I then focus the entire hour on healing and removing dark energy and/or attachments that are in your energy field that are not in your highest good. Imbalances are healed in this reading, always with your permission.

Your reading and healing session will be confirmed via email.