September 11-13, 2020 

 A Spiritual Retreat Celebrating the Arts -

Music, Art, Drama, Dance, and the Culinary Arts 

Music, Art, Drama, Dance, and Culinary Arts

Pick from the choices below, or do them all

Arts and Crafts

creative painting, papier-mâché


drumming, harmonic vocalization, sound makers, instruments


stretch, yoga (5 Tibetan Rites), tai chi, choreographed dance and movement motifs


skits, one acts, theatre games and exercises, improvisation

Culinary Arts

cooking, baking, tasting, sharing


developing a practice, practicing in nature, guided meditations, gong meditations

Spiritual Healing

chair healings, gong healings, spiritual readings


tarot, crystals, incense, cards, art, etc.

The Purpose of the Retreat

  •  to provide a space to self-express in a physical and creative way, for a concentrated period of time. 

  •  to celebrate life and be inspired by others.

  •  to return home with tools of inspiration to share with others in our communities.

  •  to inspire courage as we strengthen our understanding of the natural process, and our connection to the universal consciousness.

  •  to make time for:

  1.        conversations and discussions with like-minded people     
  2.        meditation and spiritual healing
  3.        our creativity and physical expression 
  4.        listening and sharing favorite book exerts or poems that inspire us and help us move forward in our personal power with grace and ease.    
  5.        sharing our creativity with others.
  6.        feeding our bodies healthy, nutritious, delicious foods


The intention of the retreat is that the Divine Being speak to each person individually and inspire her heart. The intention is met if she draws closer to her individual path, and her heart is renewed with her highest good.


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