Soul Reading

Energy Healing Options

Option 1 : A rose reading plus 1 question - 1 hour @$100.00

    This option includes a rose reading, and energy healing, and a look at one question that

      you would like help or guidance with from spirit.

    Option 2: A rose reading and a past life - 1 hour @$100.00

    In a reading, each past life that is brought forward for you, is a lesson, or a message that is presented to you regarding this lifetime. Some past life energy can hold you back and would serve you to be cleared, or brought into present time, so you can learn the lesson from that lifetime, then release what no longer serves your highest good today.

    Option 3:  A full soul reading and energy healing - 1 hour 30 minutes @$175.00    

    This option includes a rose reading, spiritual healing, an aura reading, a look at past lives and the lessons they bring forward for you, plus questions you want spirit to help you with. Once your energy field is cleared, healed, and present timed, you can ask up to three questions that you would like guidance with from spirit.


    Rose readings - A rose reading gives me an overall view of your energy field and helps me see if there are any attachments or areas of concern that would be in your highest good to heal and release for your highest good.

    Aura readings - According to Wikipedia, an aura or human energy field is a color that encloses a human body or any animal or object. The aura is described as a "subtle body," or a "light body." Psychics and holistic medicine practitioners have the ability to see the size, color and type of vibration of an aura.

    When I look at the seven layers of your aura, one layer at a time, I tell you the color, the meaning of the color, and the information spirit gives me regarding each layer of your aura. Sometimes past lives come up in the different layers. Spirit shows me symbols and I describe these to you as I see them. Often times they make more sense to you than they do to me. With your permission I clear any foreign energy, attachments or symbols that are not in your highest good.

    Energy healings - Clearing old, outdated past life energy; clearing and releasing outdated energy and beliefs from childhood trauma; removing chords, attachments, and foreign energy; clearing, balancing, and harmonizing each of your chakras, layers of your aura, symbols and colors that spirit presents, with your permission. 

    Asking spirit questions - Ask your higher self, spirit, guides, angels, and ancestors for guidance on a particular area of concern.

    • Relationships
    • Family 
    • Health concerns
    • Moving
    • Job
    • Life path
    • Starting a family
    • Retirement
    • Travel