The vibration of the planet is raising and you are feeling the shift. This shift causes disruption in our lives. It affects our emotions, our relationships, our health, and even the choices we make.

Be prepared to flow with the shift so you don't flounder in it. Learn to meditate to ease the fear, frustration, and the pain. Let go of attachments to what was, and learn to dance with change. It is inevitable and fighting it will only cause suffering.

We are coming into a great time of cosmic consciousness. All will be affected by this change. Some will not be ready yet and will need the assistance of those that are ready.

Listen to this audio recording of a person in a hypnotic state of consciousness, where she connects with her higher self and explains how we all can prepare for the great shift in consciousness. 

Inner Earth Hypnosis Session Transcribed for Video 2 of 2 Allison Coe 2019

Connect with our Mother Earth, and our higher self during meditation. Visualize the crystal orb radiating up from the core of the earth, through your feet chakras, through all of your chakras, and out through your seventh, the crown chakra.

Prepare your energy field for the great shift in consciousness.